Tobacco Plain Packaging–Show your Support!

May 2nd, 2017 by Smokers' Helpline

Tobacco control advocates strongly support a move towards plain packaging of tobacco products.

Regulations around plain packaging would mean that tobacco companies would no longer be able to use brand specific colors, fonts, designs or product modifications. The brand and manufacturer name would be listed the same way on all tobacco packages and everything about the package design would also be standardized including the outer package and the inner foil. The cigarette itself may also be standardized, with all cigarettes having the same shape, size, colour and filter. The graphic health warning messages would remain on packages.

The evidence shows that plain packaging:
Reduces the appeal of tobacco products among smokers (encouraging them to quit) and among youth (preventing them from starting to smoke); and makes the health warnings more noticeable.

Show your support by visiting the page below to send a standardized letter to your Member of Parliament. It’s really easy (just a couple of quick clicks) and it will send the message to government that individuals and organizations across Canada really do support this move.