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presentations & info sessions

Arrange an interactive, informative presentation/session in your workplace or community organization.

Connect with the Smokers’ Helpline to learn more.

We’re happy to customize and tailor our presentations to meet the needs of your organization and audience.  Whether it’s a 5-minute overview of Helpline services or an interactive learning session that takes 45 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours, we’ll make it work!  (For example, 30-45 minute “Lunch and Learn” sessions are popular!)

The topics typically covered include the following:

  • Tobacco Addiction & Getting Motivated to Take Action
  • Quit-Smoking Services & Supports Available through the Helpline
  • Quit-Smoking Products/Medications
  • Practical Tips to Help Manage Cravings & Withdrawal
  • Integrating Physical Activity and Healthy Eating in your Quit Plan
  • Risks of Secondhand Smoke

Keep in mind, while not everyone at your site may smoke, there is often a lot of interest in these sessions.  Individuals who don’t smoke are looking for tips and tools to help a family member, friend or coworker.

Within the St. John’s area, one of our SHL team members will deliver the presentation. Outside of the St. John’s area, we will do our best to make arrangements with a healthcare provider or other partner from our tobacco control network in your region.  Webinars and conference calls are also options.

For patients/clients: This is an opportunity to get all of the latest information and tips to help them create their own quit plan.  They will become more aware of the effective tools, products and supports that are out there to help them, and this will increase their confidence to take the next step in quitting.

For staff/coworkers: Include a SHL presentation at your next staff meeting to increase knowledge and awareness of smoking cessation services available in the province.  It’ll also help staff feel more comfortable in offering a referral to the Helpline.


Connect with the Smokers’ Helpline to request set-up of an information display in your workplace or community organization.  This provides an eye-catching visual reminder about the importance of quitting smoking and/or smoking prevention, promotes quit-smoking services and provides a convenient way for individuals to access high quality support and information.

A Helpline team member (or one of our regional partners) may be available to attend on-site and present to participants in groups or speak to them one-on-one to answer any questions they may have.

Set-up includes a wide range of free materials which participants are encouraged to take (for themselves or to help someone else) including: self-help pamphlets/booklets, and promotional items.

Consider arranging a presentation or display in your workplace or community organization during these key times:

  • National Non-Smoking Week (usually the third week of January)
  • Mental Health Week in May
  • World No Tobacco Day (May 31)
  • National Addictions Awareness Week (November)


Contact us today to discuss options: Call 1-800-363-5864, Email or Text 709-700-7002.