Pre-Admission Clinic at Western Memorial Regional Hospital Helping Many People Quit

March 24th, 2017 by Smokers' Helpline

On Monday, Mar. 20th, the Helpline made a special presentation at Western Memorial Regional Hospital’s Pre-Admission Clinic. Tanya Barnes Matthews, Regional Health Educator for Western Health, works closely with the Helpline and made the presentation on our behalf.

The Pre-Admission Clinic at this hospital has implemented a systematic approach to asking all new patients whether or not they use tobacco and encouraging patients to connect with the Helpline for follow-up support to help them with quitting and staying smokefree. In 2016 they submitted over 80 referrals to the Helpline through the CARE Program (online/fax).

Some of the team from Western Memorial Regional Hospital Pre-Admission Clinic who accepted the Recognition Award (pictured above): Glen Canning (Coordinator), Stephanie Legge, Gina Burton, Darlene Mahar (Manager) and Patricia Kenny, along with Tanya Barnes Matthews (Regional Health Educator). Other nurses from the unit who were missing from this photo, but very much contributed to efforts: Lisa Hutchings, Stephanie Collins, Sadie Keeping, Lori Wellman, Natalie Park and Trina Russell

Stephanie Legge, a nurse on this unit, received an individual Recognition Award for the work that she has done. Her friendly approach to offering a referral to the Helpline leads to many individuals making the connection with us and getting valuable support to help them successfully quit.

Thank you so much to this incredible team for their hard work and their commitment to helping people quit smoking!