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Smokers’ Helpline

Newfoundland and Labrador Smokers’ Helpline web app

The NL Smokers’ Helpline is proud to launch our new online tool to support individuals with quitting smoking and staying smokefree.

It’s called KickAsh and it can be accessed at It functions similar to a regular app on your mobile device or computer, however you access it through your web browser. You can also put a link on the home screen of your smart device for quick access.

With funding from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development, this new online tool has been developed as part of a comprehensive strategy to promote the smoking cessation services available through the Smokers’ Helpline. The goal is to help more people successfully quit.

The primary target audience for this campaign is young adults age 19-29, so you’ll notice the language and the pictures on the site are really designed with this group in mind. However, no matter what your age, we invite you to check it out and we think you’ll find it interesting! It has been developed right here in this province for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians!

KickAsh provides a powerful online tool that delivers smoking cessation support through a variety of fun, interactive features including a personalized ‘dashboard’ to track success with quitting, interesting and engaging facts and tips, motivational messages, a ‘savings calculator’ (to see the financial rewards of quitting), and more. The tool provides valuable information and support for individuals at different stages in the process of quitting including those who are ready to set a quit date, those who are only considering their options (and may not be ready to set a quit day), and those who are already quit and are looking for support with staying smokefree.

It was developed based on key findings from research which highlight the most effective elements of smoking cessation apps, and was informed through consultation with individuals from the target audience. All of the content is designed to be easily ‘shareable’ (for ex. through social media, email and text) so that users can share their progress.

A lot of work has gone into the development and there are so many exciting features. Visit and watch the video (on the main page) under ‘Preview-Building a KickAsh profile’ to see for yourself!

And, if you don’t smoke now, but you have someone in your life (ex. a friend, family member, co-worker) who you feel would be interested in using KickAsh for help with quitting, here’s how you can let them know about it: Go to the site and click on the menu in the upper-left corner and select “Help Someone Quit”. You can email them a fun message to encourage them to check out KickAsh! Show you care!

Check it out!