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A powerful online tool that delivers smoking cessation support through a variety of fun, interactive features including a personalized ‘dashboard’ to track success with quitting, interesting and engaging facts and tips, motivational messages, a ‘savings calculator’ (to see the financial rewards of quitting) and more!



Self-Reflection Exercise:

How your Thoughts
impact your Success in Quitting

Consider how your thoughts are tied to your feelings and your actions around quitting tobacco. 

This exercise may help change how you view things on your quit journey.  There are common traps that may keep you feeling stuck. These are called “Cognitive Distortions”.  If any sound familiar to you, try reframing and replacing the unhelpful thoughts. This can help you move forward!

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“I am never going to be able to quit and everyone around me is going to be disappointed.”


This is called Catastrophic Thinking.

Let’s Reframe!

“While quitting may be difficult, I have the power to overcome and there are people in my life who support my efforts on the journey.”

“I feel like a failure when I try to quit smoking so it has to be true.”


This is called Emotional Reasoning.

Let’s Reframe!

“Just because I am feeling like a failure doesn’t mean that’s true. I am not my thoughts. How I feel doesn’t define me or make it try.  I will continue to work on quitting.”


“I failed to quit so I am a failure.”

This is called Labelling.

Let’s Reframe!

“My past doesn’t define me. Just because I failed to quit in the past doesn’t mean I am a failure. There is something to learn from every quit attempt.”

“If I relapse, I am a complete failure.”


This is called All or Nothing Thinking.

Let’s Reframe!

“Every relapse helped to prepare me for the next attempt. I will continue to try and use everything I learned as I continue on this quit journey.”

“I tried to quit many times and failed, so this time is not going to be any different.”


This is called Over-Generalization.

Let’s Reframe!

“While I may have tried to quit many times in the past, I am determined and know that I will succeed in my efforts to become smokefree.”

“I just know that my efforts to quit will fail.”


This is called Fortune-Telling.

Let’s Reframe!

“I understand there may be obstacles and challenges along the way, but I believe I have the ability to quit.”

“I should have quit a long time ago.”


This is called Should Statements.

Let’s Reframe!

“It is never too late to quit. I want to quit and I know I can do it, so I’m going to work toward this goal.”

“I am struggling to quit right now. It doesn’t matter that I quit before.”


This is called Discounting the Positive.

Let’s Reframe!

“Every quit attempt offered wisdom to help further prepare me to overcome challenges and obstacles I may face this time.”

Learn more tips to support thinking positively as you quit smoking or vaping. Register for one of the Helpline’s programs today.