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CARE referral program

Help make the connection to quit-smoking support



Healthcare providers, employers, teachers and community organizations are invited to refer individuals to the NL Smokers’ Helpline through the CARE Referral Program. This is a simple tool to connect the individual to smoking cessation services.
Referrals can be made through the online system or through fax.

The Provincial Tobacco Reduction Strategy 2013-2017 recommends that health care systems and providers encourage and support all smokers to quit.

Making a Referral

The intervention takes just 1-2 minutes to complete. It extends on the treatment/assistance that the healthcare provider is providing and ensures that the individual receives more information about all of the various smoking cessation programs and resources that are available across the province.

The following three steps outline the referral process:
1. Ask the individual if they use tobacco products.
2. If the individual answers “Yes”, briefly discuss the benefits of being tobacco free and Advise that there is support available.
3. If the person consents, Refer them to the Helpline by completing the Fax Referral Form or Online Form.

Once the referral is received at the Smokers’ Helpline office, a Helpline counsellor will call the individual with 72 hours to provide information on the services available to assist them with quitting smoking and living tobacco free.

If the person declines, encourage them to connect with the Smokers’ Helpline when they are ready. You can let them know that the phone number and website on their cigarette package connects to the Smokers’ Helpline based in this province.

More Information about the Online Referral System

Here’s a little more information about the new Online Referral System:

CARE Program Letter – Introduction to CARE and Online Referral – Please feel free to print off and share with your colleagues.

Referral Card – Contact us to order a quantity of these to post up in your office as a reminder and to encourage others at your site to make referrals.

5-minute Bonus Audio – “The Essential Steps to Connect Individuals to the Smokers’ Helpline so that you See More Clients Successfully Quitting” – This ‘Bonus Audio’ walks through the content of the Referral Card (above)

Try it out! If you would like to test the Online System, please feel free to do so! We want you to become familiar with how it works, so that when you’re ready to submit a referral you’ll be ready. To try it out, simply select “Continue as Guest” and enter the word ‘TEST’ in the various fields so that we know that the information submitted is from someone who is simply trying out the system.

Once you send in your first referral then you’ll automatically become a valued Referral Partner and you’ll receive Referral Program updates two times per year, along with our SHL E-Network Updates that are sent out occasionally. (If you prefer to not receive emails from the Helpline you can opt out at any time).

We look forward to receiving referrals from you!