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Research has shown that the key to making lifestyle changes is getting lots of support. Here are some tips you can use to make sure you get plenty of positive reinforcement when quitting:

  • Identify the people in your life who will be most supportive and let then know you are going to quit. Tell them that their encouragement is important to you. Also, let them know specifically how they can help … they want to help, but may not know how.
  • Join a support group. It helps to be with people who can understand what you are going through. Call the Smokers’ Helpline to help find a group near you.
  • Sign up for e-counselling. You can receive daily tips sent to your email or your mobile phone.
  • Find support with online communities. The Smokers’ Helpline has a Facebook page and Twitter account. These channels will keep you informed about what’s new on the topic of quitting smoking and will provide information and support from other smokers, quitters, and services that are right here in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist can be a source of information and support. They are the ones who understand your medical history best and so they can offer you advice on how smoking is affecting your health and what you can expect to go through when you quit. They can also tell you about the variety of treatment options available, like nicotine replacement therapies or quit smoking medications.
  • Other community groups also may be offering quit smoking support. Call your local community centres, health organizations, churches, etc. to see what types of healthy living programs they are currently offering.

And don’t forget to be supportive of yourself. Take the time to pat yourself on the back and feel good about what you are doing. Celebrate your successes and milestones. You’re taking big steps towards a very important change in your life and you should feel proud!

Need more support? The Smokers’ Helpline will be on your side: 1-800-363-5864