A New Tool Highlighting What We Offer

April 11th, 2017 by Smokers' Helpline

Attention Healthcare Providers, Community Organizations, Workplaces & Other Helpline Partners:
We have developed a new tool to easily provide a little more information about the Helpline’s services to your patients, clients & employees. We know that often your clients may have questions about exactly what the Helpline provides. We hope this brief “1-pager” will answer these questions. It highlights the various ways individuals can connect with us and what is offered through these various services. As well, it gives people an idea of the type of support and information they can access through the Helpline. You are invited to post this up, print it off, share it with your contacts, email it, post it on social media, whichever way you think is the best way to get the message out! If you’d like us to send you a quantity, just let us know.

Download SHL Overview