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help to quit

help to quit

We invite you to explore the programs and resources available to individuals in this province to help with quitting smoking or vaping. 

Our team of trained smoking cessation Quit Coaches are here to help.


Try a Program

e-Support Program

Quit tips, facts & helpful information — right to your email inbox. A convenient way to connect with a Quit Coach.

Text Message Program

Register for the Helpline’s Text Program. Another convenient way to get quit tips and support to help you stay on track.


Getting personalized help to quit is as easy as picking up the phone. We’re here for you! Call 1-800-363-5864 or sign up here.


Try a new approach to quitting – Mindfulness-based practices for tobacco cessation

KickAsh – web app

online tool that delivers smoking cessation support through a variety of fun, interactive features including a personalized ‘dashboard’ to track success with quitting


Free Quit Guide

Feel more confident and prepared on your quit-smoking journey. Request this helpful resource today.

This Quit Guide provides many practical tips to help you with creating your own quit plan.  

The Guide provides information on all of the most effective quit strategies including: a review of all of the nicotine replacement therapy products and prescription medications; ideas for getting through withdrawal, cravings and trigger; and the steps to take to get back on track if you have a slip.


Nicotine Replacement

Learn more about nicotine replacement products available at your pharmacy. Discuss with your doctor or pharmacist.


Studies consistently show that using a quit-smoking medication increases the likelihood of success in quitting.

Support under NLPDP

Offers financial support to help with the cost of smoking cessation medications under the provincial Drug Plan for low income individuals.


Helping Others

Help Someone Quit

Learn more about programs, materials, and tips to help a friend, family member or co-worker quit smoking or vaping.

Helping Teens Quit

Want to know more about how to discuss the topic of tobacco use with teens? Here are some tips for you.

In the Workplace

Help employees quit smoking or vaping. The Helpline offers free resources to support your wellness programs. Connect with us to learn more.


Community Resources


Order materials such as posters, pamphlets, booklets, magnets (and more!) to assist your patients/clients with quitting smoking or vaping.

Join e-Network

Join our e-network and stay up-to-date with all of the latest when it comes to quit-smoking supports/services.

Information Sessions

Arrange a presentation or information display at your workplace or community organization. Increase awareness about tobacco cessation programs available.

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